Do You Know the Type of Steel to Use in Your Next Project?

Steel is one of the most sought-after materials for construction and other projects. A combination of iron and other elements (primarily carbon), the material is naturally strong and durable, making it a perfect choice for a wide range of uses. However, due to the uniqueness of each project, industrial manufacturers often produce many different types of steel. They differ in properties such as strength, elasticity, thermal conductivity and hardness. These varying properties make the different types of steel ideal for the different physical and mechanical properties needed for each application. Read More 

4 Reasons to Choose PVC Swinging Doors Instead of Steel

If you have taken on a restaurant, then you may need to do some upgrades. One of those upgrades will likely be to the doors. For example, the traditional door used for walk in cooler areas and kitchen areas is a steel style door. An upgraded option is to go with PVC swinging doors instead. Here are four reasons to choose PVC swing doors instead of steel. Quick Installation When you make upgrades like switching to PVC swinging doors, you may be concerned with having the switch made either after hours or before the doors open for the day. Read More 

Four Benefits of Choosing Carbon Fibre Shaft Couplings for Your Cooling Tower

If you need to replace the shaft couplings on your cooling tower, you may want to consider looking at carbon fibre shaft couplings. This material offers unique advantages that make it particularly appealing compared to shafts made of other types of metal. Here is a look at some of the benefits to consider. 1. Easy installation Many carbon fibre couplings feature a convenient design that simplifies installation by allowing you to just slip the shaft in place. Read More 

How to Choose the Right Concrete Saw for Home Use or Your Contracting Business

If you're just starting out a contracting business or want to expand the services you offer, or want to tackle your own home renovation projects, you will probably want to invest in concrete saws. Trying to cut through concrete with a standard saw is usually ineffective and only results in broken blades, as well as broken concrete, and a lot of dust. Since cutting through concrete is not like cutting through any other material, note a few tips for choosing the right type of concrete saw in particular, so you get one that will work for you. Read More 

How is Powder Coating a Part of Sustainable Construction?

Powder coating is a resin-based coating system that combines pigments, curatives, flow modifiers, levelling agents and other additives. All these ingredients are mixed, melted, cooled and ground into a fine powder with a smooth feel comparable. Thereafter, the powder is applied to a metal surface through electrostatic spray deposition (ESD). ESD injects electrostatic charges to the particles, which helps to bind the powder to the metal surface. One of the significant benefits of powder coatings is the fact that they are friendly to the environment. Read More