4 Reasons to Choose PVC Swinging Doors Instead of Steel

If you have taken on a restaurant, then you may need to do some upgrades. One of those upgrades will likely be to the doors. For example, the traditional door used for walk in cooler areas and kitchen areas is a steel style door. An upgraded option is to go with PVC swinging doors instead. Here are four reasons to choose PVC swing doors instead of steel.

Quick Installation

When you make upgrades like switching to PVC swinging doors, you may be concerned with having the switch made either after hours or before the doors open for the day. With a PVC swing door, the installation is quick and easy. Stainless steel doors require preparation time and some construction depending on how doors had been previously installed. A PVC swinging door uses simple hardware that is attached above the door frame and can be secured within a short time without disturbing your guests.

Design Options

The misconception with PVC swinging doors is that there are limited designs and the ones available look industrial. The truth is there are multiple design options available that can easily fit into your design style of the restaurant. You can also have designs customized for your needs. The doors may take longer to create, but the installation process will still be the same.

Ease for Employees

One of the biggest benefits for using PVC swinging doors is for your employees. With a stainless steel door, the power needed to open the doors can be high. This is especially true when your employees are pushing a cart, have a full tray, or are doing busing work to clean the tables. If the door catches or does not open totally and swings back it can cause damage to your items and to your staff. A PVC swing door can open easily and requires very little pressure to push through.

Hygiene Benefits

Stainless steel doors are easy to clean, but they do have rubber areas on them to prevent dings and scratches from carts and other items. The rubber can harbor bacteria and germs. This makes the doors a high priority for cleaning each day. The problem is that even with cleaning they can still be an item that could pass germs back and forth. The PVC swinging doors are easy to clean, reduce the chance of passing germs and bacteria, and can help reduce the chances of spreading illness between employees. 

These are only three of the reasons to choose PVC swinging doors instead of steel. You may choose to use them on each kitchen area entrance, or just on the interior areas. If you are ready to make these upgrades,contact your local improvement store or contractor for pricing and installation.