Be Prepared For Emergencies: How To Care For Your New Tow Truck Winch

If you're going to equip your truck with a tow winch, take steps to protect your investment. This is especially important if you want to use your truck for commercial towing. Tow truck winches do more than tow vehicles. They can retrieve vehicles that have gotten stuck. And, they can tip vehicles right-side-up after a roll-over accident. To make sure your new tow truck winch is ready for any emergency, read the information provided below. This information will help you care for your new winch. 

Understand Your Equipment

Now that you're investing in a tow winch, make sure you learn about the equipment. The best way to do that is to read the owner's manual. If you're like most people, you only read owner's manuals when you need to understand a specific detail. But, that's not the best approach to take with a tow truck winch. Make sure you understand your tow winch. Read the owner's manual before you start using the equipment. 

Plan Daily Winch Inspections

If you're going to install a tow winch on your truck, plan for daily inspections. A lot can happen to your tow winch in the course of a day. Daily inspections will help you track changes in your equipment. Two problems to watch for include damaged cables, and slow response time. If you see signs of damage, stop using the winch until you can take care of the repairs. Using a damaged winch can lead to serious injuries. 

Use Proper Safety Precautions

If you plan to use a tow truck winch, be sure to follow proper safety precautions. You don't want to get injured while you're working. Always wear heavy-duty gloves when operating the winch. Make sure the winch gets securely attached. Avoid pulling at the wrong speed. Excess speed can overheat the winch. Know the weight limitations on your winch. That way, you don't overload the equipment. Finally, never stand too close to the winch while it's in use. Following these precautions will help you avoid injuries.  

Keep Your Winch Well-Maintained

If you want to extend the life of your new tow truck winch, always keep it well-maintained. Proper maintenance will protect the winch. It will also help prevent premature breakdowns. When cleaning your winch, you want to focus on the gears. It's a good idea to clean the gears at least once a week. Each time you clean the gears, be sure to remove all the debris. Then, finish off with an application of gear lubricant. 

For more information about tow truck winches, contact a local company.