Why Powder Coating Can Give Your Alloy Wheels a New Beginning

Have you noticed how a different set of wheels can really spice up the appearance of a car or truck? Many high-end vehicle manufacturers realise this and will typically go out of their way to design rims that are great to look at. But what can you do if your vehicle is currently fitted with a standard set of alloy wheels that may not do justice to your pride and joy? Do you simply need to buy a set of new ones?

Replace or Treat?

It's possible to buy alloy wheels on the aftermarket, and as these come in various sizes, you'll almost certainly find one that is suitable for your vehicle. Obviously, there is a significant cost attached, and you may not want to go that far, so why not think about powder coating your existing rims instead?

What's Involved in Powder Coating

Powder coating has been around for a long time, and many people think that it is simply an additional coat of paint. However, technically speaking, the process is not about painting at all but simply adding a coating of powder using finely ground particles of resin and pigment. The particles will be electrostatically charged before the technician sprays the mixture onto the wheels once they have been grounded. The powder particles will automatically stick to the wheel in the first instance before the rim is then transferred to a curing oven to be finished.

Advantages over Painting

You may consider that this approach is better than a simple paint job. After all, once applied correctly, powder coating tends to be more resistant to any casual damage and gives a very uniform end result. It may be a bit more costly than simple painting, but it should last a lot longer in everyday driving conditions. The coating will be consistent and will be applied in a very even layer, so you won't need to worry about any runs or drips, which can be very unsightly.

Other Properties

Powder coating is also nonporous, so there is little danger of any water intrusion. This should help to make your wheels last longer and add value to the vehicle at the same time.

Making Your Choice

So, as you consider sprucing up your vehicle, talk to a technician with experience in powder coating for wheels. They'll introduce you to the various colours and let you know what's involved in the process.