2 Advantages of Using Concrete Immersion Vibrators

While external concrete vibrators work well on some builds, there are times when you should use an internal immersive device. These devices look like probes. You push the vibrator's tip down into newly-laid concrete and turn it on. Once you've vibrated a designated patch, you remove the tip, move to the next patch and start over.

What are the benefits of using immersion vibrators?

1. Get Better Depth Coverage

If you use an external vibrator, then you might have problems getting vibrations to reach the right depths in the concrete. External vibrators sit on the top of the concrete. They vibrate from the top down.

If you don't get a precise placement or if your concrete is deeper than the norm, then the machine's vibrations might not reach right down into the bottom of the concrete. The base levels of the mix might be left with air bubbles and voids which affect the concrete's strength. The concrete mix might not stick to rebar sheets without vibrating encouragement.

An immersion vibrator works from inside the newly-laid concrete. You push the probe down until it reaches the right depth for your build. This system is more likely to give you even vibrations from top to bottom. So, you get a more effective mix. You'll have fewer air problems, and your concrete will adhere to rebar more strongly.

2. Get More Flexible Control

You can't always exactly position an external vibrator on some parts of a concrete build. For example, if your build has some narrow or hard-to-access areas, then you might not be able to fit an external vibrator on top of the mix. You might not be able to get the machine into the right place in the first place.

Here, you run the risk of leaving some areas unfinished. If you can't vibrate part of a concrete surface, then it will be weaker than the rest of your build. If this part of the concrete gets damaged, say if it cracks, then it can pass damage on to other areas. Water that gets into a crack can spread to affect other parts of the surface.

Immersive vibrators are easier to get into tight spots. Their tips are long and narrow. They also usually have flexible hoses which help you direct the tip into the right places. You get better access, reach and positioning control here even if you need to stretch into more inaccessible spots.

For more information, contact suppliers of concrete vibrators.