Important Things You Must Do Before Installing Corrugated Steel Pipes for Wastewater Discharge

Dealing with wastewater from your business process is important to prevent pollution and health hazards to the people living around your enterprise. After treating the wastewater and getting rid of the harmful elements, you will need to direct it to a recycling plant or a natural water source where it becomes a part of the ecosystem all over again. Corrugated steel pipes are suitable for discharging the wastewater from your business premises. Steel is sturdy, durable and the process used in the fabrication of the corrugated pipes makes them stand up well to corrosion. However, there are somethings you must do before installing these pipes. Here is a look at those things: 

Check for Underground Utilities and Structures

Certainly, the installation of the large corrugated pipes will lead to the disruption of the existing underground structures and utilities. This is because of the extensive excavation and compaction carried out to make sure that the pipes are properly laid down. Therefore, you should check with your local authority for a map out of any municipal utilities installed within the area that you want to lay your pipes.  Mark any areas that have both municipal and private underground utilities to prevent any damage.

Notify Persons and Firms Affected by the Process

Once you have ascertained the presence of underground structures and utilities, take note of any companies and individuals that could be affected by the installation of your conduit pipes. This is important in cases where the installation will interfere with the normal supply lines and force a shutdown. It is important to notify the affected firms and individuals in good time so that they are ready for the shutdown. It will also give you adequate time to deliberate and plan for their timely compensation for the interference.

Take Necessary Safety Precautions

The installation of the corrugated steel pipes is a complicated process that must be done properly to minimise maintenance costs. Since these pipes will be laid in a confined environment, your workers will be exposed to a host of risks. For instance, deep excavation can expose them to poisonous underground gases. This is why you should take precaution to guarantee their wellbeing. First, you should have a pump on site ready to get rid of any underground water. This is very important when you are working in wet areas with a high water table. To add on that, have some reinforced wood or metal panels for shoring soil and preventing the trench from caving in.

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