Tips for Buying Replacement Seats for Your Truck

If you find that your truck just doesn't feel as comfortable as it once did or that you're feeling lots of aches and pains after being in the truck all day, you may just need some new replacement seats for it. Better seats can mean better cushioning for your back and joints and a more comfortable ride overall. Worn-out seats can also be uncomfortable against the skin and just make your truck look shabby. Note a few tips for buying replacement seats for your truck when you're ready to shop.

1. Suspension

Truck seats should provide some suspension that help to cushion you and absorb some impact from the truck jarring in traffic and on the road. Note the suspension of any replacement seat and how high it keeps you in the cab, and how much shock it can absorb. Air suspension seating may mean more shock absorption than standard cushion suspension; a cushion suspension is like a large piece of rubber that simply folds up and down as the truck moves up and down. Air suspension includes a pocket of air under the seat for absorbing more movement and shock, and for keeping you more comfortable.

2. Width and height

If your body weight has changed, you might need to think about a change in your truck seating. A wider width can mean more comfort if you're carrying more body weight; having your hips rub up against the sides of the seat can make for a very uncomfortable ride. On the other hand, a smaller seat might be good if you've lost weight or have a smaller frame, as it may provide more direct cushioning against your back and hips.

Note the height of the seat as well. A higher seat can be good for increasing your line of sight out the front and sides, but you don't want to get to close to the roof of the cab and especially when driving on bumpy roads. Give yourself enough clearance to be comfortable while keeping your frame upright with plenty of room to see.

3. Covering

Sheepskin covering may help to whisk away moisture including sweat when you're driving during the summer months and can keep you warmer during winter months. Leather may feel soft but it might hold heat or cold, making for a more uncomfortable ride. Vinyl may also tend to hold cold and this can be very uncomfortable for those who drive for long hours in cold weather. Invest in a high-quality sheepskin for maximum comfort instead.