Important Questions to Ask When Using Rented Scaffolding

Homeowners don't always realize that they can rent scaffolding for use at home; this can make construction, renovation, or repair projects safer and easier on them. Scaffolding means not having to balance on a ladder while you paint or repair your home's ceiling, and means room for more than one person to work side by side. If you are going to use rented scaffolding, note a few important questions to ask before you take it home.

1. Do you always need an internal ladder?

A homeowner might want to cut down on the cost of rented scaffolding by choosing a piece without an internal ladder. However, there are usually safety requirements that stipulate that you always need an internal ladder and should not scale the frame of the scaffolding itself. Putting weight on the outside frame of the scaffolding to climb up and down can mean pulling the scaffolding out of position, even causing it to fall on top of you. Ensure that you know you're being compliant with these safety regulations and if you don't have a ladder at home to use, only rent pieces with the internal ladder included. 

2. Can a person add their own components to the scaffolding?

If you have fittings that work with scaffolding and keep the sections together, you might be able to save on the rental costs by not including these pieces when you choose scaffolding. However, you don't want to use anything unsafe or that is not meant for scaffolding in particular when you use your own components. For example, plywood may seem like an adequate flooring for scaffolding, but it may not be safe for the weight of workers and their tools. 

You also want to ask about compatibility of scaffolding components; if you used to own scaffolding and kept connectors or fittings to these pieces, they may not fit scaffolding you rent from another manufacturer. It can be good to even bring in those pieces to see if they would fit without damaging rented scaffolding.

3. Ask how it should be stored

If you're using the scaffolding hire for more than one day, ask how it should be stored. Outdoor scaffolding may need to be dismantled and stored securely on the ground so it won't risk falling over in heavy winds. If you need to dismantle indoor scaffolding, note that it might be recommended that you store it off a finished floor, as the casters to the scaffolding may be safe for the flooring but the frame of the scaffolding might cause scratches. Ask about storing scaffolding for long-term rental so you know it's safe.