Advantages of High Reach Excavators in Industrial Demolition

Industrial demolition is the dismantling of a property in an industrial area. These properties include treatment facilities and abandoned facilities. The dismantling process will definitely require the services of excavators. There are two types of excavators: the long reach excavators and the high reach excavators. The long reach excavators extend horizontally while the high reach excavators extend vertically. For effective dismantling of tall structures, you will need excavators that can extend vertically.

The following are some of the reasons as to why high reach excavators are necessary for industrial demolition:

Safer Working Conditions

High reach excavators are in a position to reach extremely tall buildings and structures. They have a longer boom which allows the demolition operators to stay further away from the building or structure being demolished. This ensures that no one is injured as they are protected from the falling debris from the buildings. The excavators rely on grapple and crusher attachments as they can be used effectively at a greater distance. This is unlike the olden demolition methods such as the wrecking ball. With this, a safer working environment is created for everyone in the demolition site.

High Efficiency

High reach excavators with their high reach machines cut on the labor necessary for a certain job to be completed. This is unlike when the olden demolition methods are used. The excavators can be paired with multiple attachments and, with their tools, they can perform more activities. These activities include cutting, pinching and scooping. Unlike the modern tools used by the excavators, the wrecking ball could only smash, making it inefficient for the whole demolition process. Therefore, with the high efficiency, high reach excavators can also make the dismantling of buildings in tight spaces by the industrial demolition companies possible, while still achieving precision.

Scrap Metal Recycling

Many industrial demolition contractors make separating and recycling their main aim. Their efforts to recycle are made possible by the high reach excavators. The lengthy tools used by the excavators allow them to pull out metal from the tall structures. These metals are then recycled and used in future building projects. Despite the fact that a structure is fully dismantled, not everything about it goes to waste. Recycling of metals is also friendly to the environment as they are not disposed but kept for future use.

Hence, for your dismantling process to be a success, you will definitely need to get excavators due to their advantages.