Need A Garage? Plan For It In These 5 Simple Steps

Every home should have a garage. If not for your vehicle's safe parking, then for storing your equipment, garden tools, and for use as a workshop. If your home does not have one, the next best option is to order one. In this article, get a step-by-step guide on how to go about planning for one so that you can make an order with a local manufacturer.

Where will the garage be located?

The location of your garage is quite important. Check your property and pick a spot that you think is fit for the garage. The spot should be easy to drive in and out of with your car, to and from the gate. If you plan to engage in any noisy workshop activities, make sure there is some distance between the garage and your house in order to avoid noise interference. Most importantly, ensure that the spot you've selected has enough space to house the garage you want.

How many cars do you plan to store in the garage?

Next, how many cars you intend to store in the garage. Are you planning to buy an extra car, recreational vehicle or motorbike any time soon? Also decide if you want each car to have its doorway or whether all cars will share just one entrance. If you have quite a number of cars and not enough space for all of them, you can also invest in a hydraulic lift machine to allow storied car storage inside the garage.

How much space do you need inside the garage?

You should also think about any other uses you want the garage to have. For example, do you want to store unused items from the house inside it? Do you want to store garden supplies inside it as well? All this will allow you to decide how big you want the garage to be, and how much free space you wan inside it for storage and miscellaneous duties.

What do you want the garage to look like?

Next, with all the above decisions concluded, start to design your garage. How strong do you want the structure to be? This will determine what gauges size of steel sheeting will be used. What dimensions will the garage have? Other design elements to think about at this point include the cladding design, the paint colour of the cladding, windows, and skylights, if wanted.


Lastly, think about any extras you would want in the garage. This is your chance to add any items that will make the garage more functional. Examples of extras you could incorporate at this point include storage shelves, solar panels, alarm system, etc.

Once you have conclusively evaluated all the above, talk to a garage manufacturer (like Alpha Industries) and discuss your order.